Service Design for the University Library Freiburg

Together with colleagues I accompanied the transformation process of the University Library in Freiburg. With a fresh view from the outside, we restructured the navigation of their website from scratch and harmonized their contents. Applying Service Design methods, the library increased their cross-functional thinking for the benefit of their users.

LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® für gemeinsame Vision bei einem Design Thinking Workshop mit der Piratenfraktion Saarland

In order to focus even more strongly on the interests of citizens, the Pirate Party Saarland Parliamentary Group engaged in a 2-day Design Thinking Workshop during their yearly retreat. Guided by Daniel Bartel and myself, the four members of parliament and their staff tested Design Thinking and developed a shared vision using LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY®.

Service Ecology

In a pitch, BGA recognized the opportunity to create competitive advantage and tap additional revenue streams through a distinct service orientation. To this we delivered initial suggestions for a service ecology that leverages existing resources complemented by additional offerings.

Multichannel Strategy including Web, Desktop and Mobile

The French division of Knauf, a family-owned enterprise in building materials and construction systems has been at the forefront in linking their marketing efforts into a true multichannel strategy comprising print publications, websites, desktop and mobile applications along with traditional marketing. Daily routines of their clients are facilitated by the suite of applications conceptualized and developed by BGA.

Mind-Map with research results on pulmonary hypertension

The pitch for a relaunch of a portal on pulmonary hypertension was a sensitive task. Through secondary user research we succeeded in emphasizing with patients and their families. From these insights meaningful functionalities could be derived for the new portal.

Java-based learning portal for schoolchildren for the Science House

As wrap-up and for a deeper immersion into the topics shown in their exhibition the Science House commissioned an exhibit portal. In a team of five students we conceptualized and developed a learning portal with administration functionality based on JavaEE, Spring and Hibernate over the course of two semesters at Hochschule Furtwangen University. 

Mobile WAP Application

In 2006 the existing website was augmented with the possibility to arrange personalized itineraries and book those through partnering travel agencies in a second project phase of the EU co-funded project "MEMO eTEN: A Multichannel Platform for the European Tourism Industry." Within the scope of the project, Moltomedia developed a mobile WAP application that allowed access to the data on the go.

My clients and former employers are german and international companies, agencies and startups such as:


  • Actelion (Pitch)
  • Badische Zeitung
  • BGA Group
  • censhare
  • Eppendorf
  • Genetix
  • Hager
  • Hellma (Pitch)
  • IMC
  • Key Systems
  • Knauf
  • LST
  • Medienhaus Lensing
  • Micronas
  • Mobile City
  • Moltomedia
  • Neoskop
  • Niehoffs Vaihinger
  • Upper Rhine Conference